Run Grant or Personnel Manager software at any time, from any computer, from anywhere


Free yourself from the tedious technology -related tasks that take you away from managing your grants and payroll calculations.

  • NO installation
  • NO configuration
  • NO downloads
  • NO idle time
  • NO management
  • NO maintenance
  • NO troubleshooting
  • NO extra update or backup procedures – they’re all automated

Sign up for a whole new era of ease, timeliness, accuracy, protection and support:

  • Available 24/7 with over 99.99% up-time
  • Accessible immediately from anywhere – simply access from any computer with Internet access (Mac, Windows, Linux), PDA device, etc.
  • Wide range of output options to Excel, Word, PDF, even web pages
  • Incredibly fast – single-purpose environment, no competing applications or downloads
  • Highest-level security – Cisco™ Firewall appliances, up-to-date immunizations against latest viruses and malware, strong encryption, digital and physical security
  • Automatic on-going complete backups for added protection
  • Customizable, smart system allows maximum flexibility – and remembers each unique user’s preferences!
  • Automatic updates refresh system with all latest features and security measures
  • Automatic, immediate bug fixes correct any hardware or software issues
  • No retraining necessary – interface looks and functions exactly like current software
  • Incredible ROI – eliminate costs of IT personnel; computer resources; and non-productive “idle time” waiting for networks, routers, switches and computers to transport and process your data!
  • Cost: $600.00/seat (concurrent user)/year (includes full technical support)

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