Q: I get one or more error messages right in the beginning of Grant Manager 10, stating that "Record recovery was unsuccessful". What does this mean, and should I be concerned? 

A: This message is triggered by an "overly sensitive" data integrity checking routine that runs when the program loads. This error is specific to version 10.01.05 and 10.01.06. It is alarming, but not serious. You can safely click "Yes" to continue at this prompt. 


Q: I get a message something like this: "OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. OLE object is being ignored". What should I do about it? 

A: This message may pop up after you have renamed the Grant Manager folder or moved it to a new computer/folder. Here's how you can remedy the situation: 

  • Download the network installation program from www.northernlightssoftware.com/gm10workstation.exe 
  • Run the downloaded executable, and tell it to install on top of your current Grant Manager installation. It will NOT overwrite any of your existing files, it will just refresh component registration on your system 

Q: Grant Manager 4.1/Windows triggers a "divide by zero" or another error message like it upon startup.

A: This sometimes occurs on fast (333mhz and faster) machines. You can recover from this situation as follows: 

Click here and save the resulting file ESL.EXE to your Grant Manager folder. Make sure Grant Manager is not running, and make sure that file FOXW2600.ESL is not read-only, then run ESL.EXE and let it overwrite the current FOXW2600.ESL file. 


Q: When I try to run report generator in Grant Manager 4.x/Windows, I get various errors and the report generator refuses to run. 

A: This happens occasionally with some new Windows NT and 98 machines. You can solve this problem by downloading Report Generator Update for Grant Manager 4.0/Windows. Save the FF.EXE -file to your Grant Manager folder. Make sure Grant Manager is not running, and make sure that FOXFIRE.APP file is not read-only in the same folder. Run the FF.EXE and let it overwrite the current FOXFIRE.APP file. 


Q: How to properly configure a workstation to run networked Grant Manager 4.1/Personnel Manager 4.1 from a server.

A: Sometimes you may get an error message such as "File Missing" or "Cannot find file" when starting server-based networked Grant or Personnel Manager software. Most likely culprit for this error is a network drive that has not been mapped as a drive letter on the workstation. Windows Help explains this procedure as follows: 

To assign (map) a drive letter to a network computer or folder: 

- Click Start, point to Programs, and then click Windows Explorer.
- On the Tools menu, click Map Network Drive.
- In Path, type the path to the you want. For example: \\computername\foldername


Q: "Virtual Function" or some such error when trying to print .

A: If you get an error about "Virtual Function" when trying to print reports or forms, the problem most likely has to do with a faulty printer driver. Many HP printer drivers published after year 2000 seem to have this problem. If you have an HP printer, you can verify this by temporarly selecting an older HP printer driver, such as LaserJet 5, as your default driver. If printing errors disappear, you can either leave the older driver in place, or see if HP has posted updated drivers on their web site, www.hp.com. You can also find updated drivers for most printers on Microsoft website at www.microsoft.com. 


Q: How can I archive Grant Manager data when moving to a new fiscal year? 

A. You can archive accounts under a different account number (with some kind of fiscal year indicator), or archive the entire Grant Manager at its current state under a separate folder. 

When using Grant Manager Archive -function: Save current year's account under a new number and duplicate its structure under the "proper" number, then archive the one that you changed. 

For example: Assume you have account number ABC-123. You could rename it to, say, ABC-123-01 (open the account screen, select "Change Account Number" from the Account -menu). After saving the changed account, open it again and select "Duplicate" from the Account menu. This will create a blank account with the same subaccount structure as the "parent" account. You could then name the new duplicate account "ABC-123". This would give you a new ABC-123 account without any charges and "archived" ABC-123-01 with the charges made to the old ABC-123 thus far. 

Another option is to create a backup copy of the entire current system, then take out all charges to all accounts for the current copy. 

For example: Assume your Grant Manager is installed in folder C:\GM. Make a copy of your entire GM -folder and call it GM-01. Run Grant Manager as usual, go to System Menu, select "Delete PO data by date range" and give it a wide range, e.g., 01/01/1900 through 01/01/2999. This will delete all transactions in the system within that date range, but leave all account structures intact. This would give you two Grant Manager installations, one with "archived" data thus far, and a new one for the new fiscal year. You can run the "archived" version by going to the GM-01 folder from "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" and running the GM3.EXE -application directly from there. 


Q: A few column totals on reports do not match totals in the summary boxes.

A: This sometimes happens after a system crash. In most cases, running System Menu/Recover -option (in Grant Manager 10 run System Menu/Cleanup -option) will take care of the problem. To be on the safe side, you might want to run Recover (or Cleanup) every few weeks, and especially before printing final, critical reports. 


Q: When I try to run Grant Manager 10, I get a fatal error, something like C00000FD and can't start the program.

A: This sometimes happens after a system crash. Since you can't start the program at all, you need to tell it to "fix itself before attempting to do anything else". Here's how you can do that: 

Go to the following link: www.northernlightssoftware.com/ini.exe, save it into your Grant Manager 10 main folder and then run it there. Click "Unzip" when prompted, without changing any defaults, then close the ini.exe program Run Grant Manager. You should first get a message about option [NOCHECK]. Press any key to bypass that message, then click YES when prompted to run a reindex -routine Once the reindexing is complete, exit the program, delete grantmanager.ini from the folder and restart the program. It should work better from that point on.