Local and Hosted Evaluation Options

Click here to run the hosted Grant Manager Galaxy trial version.


Download and install a fully functional evaluation copy (see below):

Grant Manager Evaluation Download

  • Download and run the evaluation installation file
  • Click the save -button (by default it will unzip installation setup files to C:\GM10Evalinst -folder) 
  • Proceed with the installation as prompted by the installation setup program which starts up automatically after you click OK on the "2 files unzipped successfully" -window
  • You can accept the installation defaults (install to "C:\Program Files\Grant Manager" 10 -folder) or change them as you see fit 
  • Once installed, you can run Grant Manager 10 from your Windows Start Button/Grant Manager 10/Grant Manager 10 -option 
  • Delete the temporary installation folder (default: \GM10EvalInst)
  • From Grant Manager 10 program's Help Menu, select Contents to browse the on-line help system and manual for instructions on configuring and running the program (look for "Jump Start" -bookmark under "Contents" -tab)


Note: Grant Manager 10 runs on Windows 98 and higher