Hands On Training at Your Site or Over the Internet

We offer 1-2 day hands-on training sessions on both Grant and Personnel Manager programs, at your site or at our training facility near San Francisco. Other options include interactive training over the Internet and telephone, or self-phased computer based training using our training video CD's.

During the interactive, highly personalized training, you will learn how to:

  • Set up and optimize the programs for your specific needs and computing environments 
  • Configure and use the program in the fastest and most convenient way 
  • Create and modify reports and P.O. forms 
  • Create and modify accounts, transactions, cost centers, items, etc.
  • Reconcile charges
  • Export reports and data to external systems (e.g., email, PDF, Word, Excel, HTML and XML) Resolve any specific questions you or your staff may have regarding our programs

The training CD's include in-depth walk-throughs of all of the major modules and functions of the program, as well as tricks and tips to make your work as accurate and efficient as possible.


For more information about any of these training options, please contact us directly at support@northernlightssoftware.com, or call us at 415-453-0481.


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