Personnel Manager allows variable and fixed personnel costs to be easily included in the grant tracking process. By allocating personnel costs for entire budget periods, researchers and administrators can get an accurate, up-to-date view of salary expenses.  With Personnel Manager you can change fund allocations and levels of effort (FTE) between grants and employees quickly and effortlessly.  Personnel Manager complements Grant Manager by providing the functionality to export anonymized and aggregated salary data into Grant Manager for overall record keeping.  You can also test various “what-if” -scenarios to predict what impact new employees, pay raises, fringe benefit adjustments or any other salary changes would have on your grants.

“Set It and Forget It” to Automatically Track and Calculate Salaries and Fringe Benefits

Personnel Manager is designed automate all salary and benefit calculations as much as possible.   Once the initial setup of pay schedules, fringe rates and other benefits, and employees’ time allocations between different grants over time is done, the program will continue calculating and distributing personnel expenses accordingly.  You only need to revisit these settings when something changes, such as a salary increase, new or changed benefits, changed time allocations, etc.

Encumber and Allocate Funds for an Employee’s Salary and Benefits from Multiple Grants

Personnel Manager can handle a virtually unlimited number of employees, grants, salary schedules and effort allocations.  You can review salary expenses from a grant’s or an employee’s point of view, analyze past, present and projected future salary expenditures.  Personnel Manager helps hundreds of grant accountants across the U.S. and abroad to make accurate and fast work of these tedious, error-prone tasks that can take days or even weeks with other tools, such as spreadsheets or general purpose grant accounting software.

Use the Intuitive Timeline Screens to Change Employees’ Time Allocations between Grants

Setting up and changing percentage of effort (or FTE) time allocations for employees between different grants is easy, accurate, intuitive and fast at Personnel Manager’s graphical Gantt –style timeline screen.  This screen also provides immediate feedback on grant balances and employees’ total effort allocation over time to make sure everyone’s salary expenses are fully covered as effort allocations are added, changed and deleted over time.

Manage and Automate Salary Calculations of Any Number of Employees across Any Number of Grants

Personnel Manager is capable of managing, calculating, analyzing and reporting data spanning decades, for virtually unlimited number of employees across unlimited number of grants.  Personnel Manager’s built-in database and calculation engine runs through even the most complex and data-intensive calculations with blazing speed and high accuracy.

Review and Analyze All Aspects of Personnel Expenditures with Built-in and Custom Reports

Personnel Manager’s built-in reports provide you aggregate as well as detailed views into all aspects of your personnel expenses.  You can review expenditures on grant as well as employee level, verify that everyone’s salary expenses are fully covered by one or more grants over time, see what the predicted salary expenses are far into the future, and much more.  If the built-in reports don’t answer some specific question, you can use the built-in report and query designer to easily set up your own report templates and ad-hoc queries.

De-activate Accounts and Employees to Exclude Them from Reports and Calculations

If you need to keep historical employee and account information available for audit purposes, but don’t want them to affect current and future reports and calculations, you can easily de-activate them for everyday tasks and re-activate them temporarily for audits and other historical reviews.

Multi-User Network Ready

Personnel Manager is a multi-user system, which allows many people to work on it at the same time without interfering with each other’s work.  The system can be configured to allow as many simultaneous users as necessary, and each user can have his or her own security profile that determines what the user can do or see in each module (view, edit, delete, add.)

Export Salary Expenses to Grant Manager for Overall Record Keeping

You can export pre-calculated, aggregated and anonymized Personnel Manager into Grant Manager for overall record keeping.  Personnel Manager data can be exported on an account-by-account basis for a user-defined date range.  If necessary, Personnel Manager data can be exported over and over again to Grant Manager in order to reflect possible changes and adjustments in Personnel Manager.

Available as a Locally Installed or Hosted Cloud Version

Grant Manager can be installed locally on a single workstation or a local area network for multi-user access.  It is also available as a subscription –based hosted cloud version, which provides a rich desktop application experience through a web browser.  The cloud version allows accountants and manager alike to concentrate on their work while we take care of keeping the system secure, updated, backed up and optimized specifically for this program.  The cloud version is accessible from Windows PCs, Macs, Linux, and most mobile devices